Star of the Week: Friday 28 September 2018

Class Name House
RA Zeeshan Somerset
RB Dylan Welbeck
1DM Rosie Shaftesbury
1K Affan K Shaftesbury
2B Ryan Grosvenor
2P Jacob Welbeck
3B Ridhit Shaftesbury
3IW Maseh Shaftesbury
3J Hasrah Somerset
4LR Isla Somerset
4E Victoria Welbeck
5H Yazeed Somerset
5A Louie Welbeck
6W Jeevan Grosvenor
6M Safiyya Shaftesbury

Flag Design Winner

The above audio clip is a recording of the interview which took place on Solent radio between Julian Clegg and one of our children, when they were fortunate enough to win the Flag Design competition for Southampton City