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Walk to School Week

This week is to encourage children to walk to school and make healthy life choices.

Your child will receive an activity diary, reward badge and a sticker which will go on the wall chart in their classroom for every day they walk to school. There will be a competition to encourage this. The class with the most walkers over the week will win a prize! This is a good opportunity to walk with your child and see what discussions crop up. It is also a good time for your child to develop road safety skills and greater health awareness. By walking to school, you will help to improve your child’s road safety skills and fitness, reduce congestion at the school gates and make the environment more pleasant by reducing pollution. Many of the schools in last year’s campaign reported a visible reduction in the number of cars outside the school as “even those families that could not avoid using the car, parked well away from the school and walked the rest of the way.” I do hope you will take part in ‘Walk to School Week’ and help make Portswood a safer and more pleasant place to live. To make our walk to school week more memorable, on Friday 16 July 2021 we are going to have a ‘Portswood Slipper Day’. All children are invited to bring in their slippers, if they have any, as well as a pair of outdoor shoes and will be able to wear their slippers in class during the day. Mr Brown & Mr Ellis